Creating an enabling environment for the achievement of your business goals
Generally, companies allocate an estimated 65-70% of its entire IT resources to the maintenance of its existing IT infrastructure, with only about 30% being allocated to new IT projects.
If you, our prospective client, are like most companies, then you have similarly invested on your IT platforms. Thus, you need a model on how to revamp your IT environment and enable it align more closely with your business goals.
We utilize a logical and efficient approach to bring about a perspective of active implementation to the work we do
01. Design
With a logical and efficient approach, we bring a perspective of active implementation to the work we do, because we realize that stylish solutions are meaningless unless they can be converted into a sustainable return on investment.
Understanding your business needs

We, as our first and foremost responsibility, undertake the task of comprehensively analyzing and understanding your business in-and-out, the specific challenge that you faced in your business or the business need that prompted you for a solution.

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02. Supply
We supply hardware, software, facilities and service components that support the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes.
Developing an IT strategy

We do not take this step lightly as our grasping of your operations and workings only allows us to pick out the best IT strategy for the solution for your business.

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03. Installation
We provide customized solutions that fit the needs of your organization for close collaboration and real-time information sharing.
Discussing the possible solutions

We chalk out the various possible solutions for you, explain you the complexities of each, and engage in discussions with you to solve all your queries.

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04. Maintenance
We lift the burden of IT infrastructure maintenance and management off our clients shoulders, allowing them to concentrate on developing and implementing an IT strategy.
Arriving at the perfect plan

After extensive research and consideration, we arrive with you at the most suitable IT strategy for your business that lies within your time and cost constraints.

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Data Center Solutions

CCTV and Video Surveillance Systems, Environmental Systems, Uninterrupted Power Systems, Inverters, Managed Power Services, Servers, Workstations, End-user Devices and other hardware are only some of the data center solutions we offer our clients at NETDAP.

We also carry out sales and procurement, installation, maintenance and servicing of the above named hardware with the assurance of quality, updated and durable systems being one of our core values.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Policies

A disaster can be anything that puts an organization at risk and ranges from cyber attacks to equipment failures or even natural disasters. With more businesses becoming reliant on high availability of updated information, tolerance for downtime or non-operation has reduced drastically. Thus it is inherent that systems and processes are setup in order to avoid the devastating effects a disaster might have on a business

With this in mind, the main goal of disaster recovery systems processes is to ensure that a business continues operations which are as close to normal as possible.

These processes include planning, testing and even setting up a separate physical location for backing-up and restoring data and operations.

At NETDAP Business Solutions, it is our priority to help our clients design a disaster recovery plan and to also implement a disaster proof data backup and recovery system in order to ensure that business operations can continue irrespective of events.

Communication & Networking

Communication and Networking are the pillars upon which modern day computer systems, and the businesses run on them, stand today. A business is only as strong as its communication channels are. This means that a slow communications channel will hamper the transfer of information within and without the organization thus reducing the overall effectiveness and growth of the company.

We at NETDAP provide top notch communications and networking systems guaranteed to ensure instant transmission of information within any organization regardless of size to our clients.

Information Technology Security Systems

The protection of data storage systems from theft of information, damage to hardware, software or electronic data stored on it and also the disruption or misdirection of the services such systems provide is of the utmost importance to companies and businesses moving their business processes towards mobility, online collaboration or the cloud.

With enterprise security being a challenge that most businesses face, NETDAP Business Solutions provides information security services that employ the use of updated software and hardware systems in order to combat the risks of infection by ever-evolving computer viruses and safeguard against hackers and other malicious entities.