Professional Consultancy & Training Services for your business needs

If you are considering launching your business into the cloud, need help determining the right backup solution, creating a disaster recovery plan or want to improve the skill set of your staff, our consultancy team at NETDAP is always at your disposal.

At NETDAP Business Solutions, we realize that breaking into the IT, Enterprise Management and Supply Chain services can be a daunting process and we devote our full might and staff power into ensuring that your journey towards taking your business into the next level is as smooth a transition as possible.

E-Learning & Simulation Systems

With the advent of computer-based digital learning, online training and various tools for creating simulations of physical events digitally, learners now have a safe practice environment to try out new software, processes and technology without the fear of making mistakes.

Empowering Digital Transformation

With our dedicated team of skilled IT experts, we will study your business and based on the information we gather, build a custom-tailored digital transformation plan for your business and also guide you on each step of the way as you move your business to the next level.

Productivity Improvement Training

We strive to provide our clients and their staff with training programs on all levels ranging from low-level to management level staff, while providing a conducive learning environment, qualified instructors and the use of standard learning and audio-visual aids.

We believe in helping businesses with the need to grow achieve their objectives
We provide high quality and result-driven consultancy and training services
We believe in productivity

Seeing our clients smash their productivity charts brings a smile to our faces. This gives us enough reason to improve on ourselves.

We believe in performance

We constantly evaluate the performance of our solutions and that of our clients every 3 months to ensure periodic performance targets are being met.

We believe in people

Because our clients are dear to us, we ensure that our solutions are user-friendly and people-focused. This brings out the best in the overall performance and productivity of the staff.



Save yourself time and effort when looking for a business solutions provider. Our staff are courteous, well-trained and know their onions. We are one of the leading solutions provider here in Lagos, Nigeria.



At the heart of our business is good customer service which we always provide to all types of customers, including potential, new and existing customers no matter the size of your business.



We provide top-notch technical support to all of our customers on a regular basis. We always stay with our clients and provide instant response whenever needed because have a dedicated 24/7 team.



Positive feedback is always great, but negative feedback has the potential to provide valuable insights on where or how our business processes or customer service can be improved.